Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2024 – 2027

We are looking forward to releasing our new strategic plan in 2024 for the upcoming 3 years. This will be published in the coming months.

Strategic Plan 2021 – 2023

On behalf of the Board of North West Hospice, I am delighted to present this Strategic Plan which sets out the part we will play in the development and delivery of specialist palliative care services within our catchment area of Sligo, Leitrim, South Donegal and West Cavan, over the period 2021 to 2023.

It is acknowledged that much has been achieved from the initiation of our palliative care services in North West in 1986 to the level of service which we provide today. However, as the demand on this important service continues to increase, it is necessary to review to what degree we are meeting the expectations of the community we serve.

To develop and implement change it is also necessary to elicit the insights and views of those who work in and deliver the service. This document is a reflection of such a review. Our future plans are based on the outcome of a wide consultation process with those involved in the provision of palliative care, users of our service, and members of the wider community.

I invite you to read our strategic plan below and if you require a hard copy please call us or email for a copy.