Your generosity helps North West Hospice continue to provide specialist care with compassion

Greeting card saying thank you

How to make a donation

There are many ways you can make a donation and help support our services, which are free of charge:

  • Donate online using your credit card or PayPal account.
  • Call in with your donation to North West Hospice, The Mall, Sligo or to our new Hospice Centre right in the middle of town with ample parking – Hospice Centre Wine Street Car Park, Sligo
  • Post out a cheque, bank draft or postal order (made payable to North West Hospice) to North West Hospice, The Hospice Centre,Wine Street Car Park, Sligo.
  • Contribute to our collections and mite boxes in the community

Whichever way you choose, your contribution is greatly appreciated and we thank you for your support.

Donation in memory of a loved one

We are very grateful to families who choose North West Hospice for donations in memory of a loved one. Donations can be sent direct to North West Hospice or online using our paypal facilities. We can send out a card on your behalf to the family of the deceased to let them know that a donation has been received from you or, alternatively, we can send you out a card.

Wedding Favours

If you would like to do something extra special on your big day, why not make a donation to North West Hospice in lieu of wedding favours. We can provide personalised cards or scrolls if you wish.

Become a Regular Giver

Knowing that we have a steady stream of income from regular donations to our bank account allows us to plan our services for the future. If you wish to support us in this way, why not set up a regular transfer in our favour to our North West Hospice Friends scheme:  Please contact us for the details –

Give As You Earn

Payroll giving is a great way to contribute to North West Hospice on a regular basis. You can authorise your employer to deduct regular donations from your pay. We have a number of local organisations that support North West Hospice payroll deductions. For more information phone (071) 9170523 or email

If you have any donation questions, contact us directly on (071) 9170523 or email

Did you know? Revenue will refund to us the income tax you have already paid on your donation – all it takes is your signature and is no extra cost to you!

As a registered charity, your donation to us could be increased at no extra cost to you if you donate €250 or more in a calendar year. You can make a one-off donation or alternatively, you can set up a standing order for €21 each month. Regardless of your tax rate, your donation of €250 is worth €362.32 to North West Hospice, as we will receive 31% tax back on every €250 donated!

If you are a PAYE taxpayer all you have to do is fill out a tax relief form and return it to us. We’ll do the rest. Unfortunately this only applies to personal donations you have made and not to money raised through sponsorship. The CHY3 tax relief form can be completed for recurring donations and the CHY4 tax relief form can be completed for a once off donation. Both forms are available to download from Revenue here.

If you are self-assessed simply send your donation receipt with your annual tax return form as proof of payment, to the Revenue Commissioners.

If you are a company, treat your donation(s) as a normal business expense, which is deductible at the appropriate rate of corporation tax.

Please don’t hesitate to contact North West Hospice if you require further information on the tax relief system.