What we do!

North West Hospice Charity, a company limited by guarantee and an Irish registered charity no: CHY7983 fundraises on behalf of North West Hospice to complement and enhance the clinical services provided by the Health Service Executive (HSE). Recognised with ‘Triple Lock’ status by the Charities Institute Ireland (CII), a distinction reserved for charities demonstrating the highest standards in transparent reporting, ethical fundraising, and strong governance structures, North West Hospice Charity ensures trust and accountability for donors, members, and the general public.

Dedicated to enhancing the well-being of patients and their families, North West Hospice Charity collaborates closely with medical professionals to identify and address specific needs, focusing on continuous service development and facility enhancement. While the HSE covers core running costs, North West Hospice Charity relies on the generosity of individuals, patients, families, the public, and various organisations through donations and fundraising events to support specialised care needs, acquire equipment, and offer necessary support to patients, staff and families. Ongoing fundraising efforts are vital to enhance services, optimise spaces and environments to ensure the highest standard of care.

Funds generated from ongoing initiatives contribute to essential projects directly benefiting patients, reflecting the community’s commitment to providing compassionate care. Recent endeavours, made possible by generous donors, include the creation of a patient and family garden and the refurbishment of a conservatory into a family room with a children’s play area. On the 23rd of February 2024, North West Hospice will reach another significant milestone, breaking ground on a new building, symbolising a promising new chapter for the hospice care in Sligo, Leitrim, West Cavan and South Donegal. The North West Hospice Charity will support the HSE as they construct and staff a modern 12-bedroom state of the art facility due for completion by the end of 2025. The charity will offer assistance to staff, volunteers, patients, and families throughout this transitional phase. It has already supported the design phase of the construction, covered relocation costs, and is committed to ensuring diligence in meeting any requirements needed for consistency of care during the building process. Our aim is to minimise disruption and uphold continuity of care as North West Hospice embarks on its journey toward a brighter future.

In-Patient Care

The hospice is a quiet, calm environment where staff have time to spend with you, get to know you, isten to you and ensure that all your needs are met. In addition to the 24-hour medical and nursing care, we offer a complete range of services such as social work, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and spiritual support.

Palliative Care

The palliative care team is a team of Nurses, Doctors and Social Workers who work. We work closely with your GP and Public Health Nurse, who continue to have overall medical and nursing responsibility for your care.

Palliative Care

Our Hospital Palliative Care Team based in Sligo University Hospital – provides palliative care to patients at Sligo University Hospital and their families, and provides support to the hospital’s medical and nursing teams.